Hammertoes Treatment

Find out about our hammertoe treatment options, designed to alleviate discomfort, and improve the appearance of hammertoe deformities. We offer both non-surgical and surgical solutions tailored to your needs.

Treatment for hammertoes often involves a combination of non-surgical and surgical approaches, depending on the severity and individual circumstances.

Non-surgical treatments may include:

  • Orthotic devices: Customized shoe inserts to help redistribute pressure and alleviate discomfort.
  • Changes in footwear: Wearing shoes with a roomy toe box to reduce pressure on the toes.
  • Toe exercises: Stretching and strengthening exercises to improve toe flexibility.
  • Padding or taping: Application of pads or tape to relieve pressure and reduce friction.

Surgical interventions may be considered for severe or persistent cases, and may involve procedures such as tendon release, joint repositioning, or, in advanced cases, joint fusion.

If you are dealing with hammertoe-related issues, it’s advisable to schedule a consultation with the team at North Shore Foot & Ankle. We can provide a comprehensive evaluation, discuss treatment options tailored to your condition, and guide you through the most appropriate course of action for your foot health.